DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 12 (FF #56-60)

Oh my goodness, guys. Have you ever stopped to think about how EXCELLENT Stan and Jack were from about FF #35 through FF #60? Doom Cosmic! The Quest for the Inhumans! Sue Using Reed as a Parachute! It’s all here, guys:

56. Reed became Klaw’s worst nightmare.

57. Dr. Doom is the world’s friendliest monarch, and don’t you forget it.

58. As cosmic threats brewed, Ben Grimm speculated about an AU where Reed Richards forced him to become a ghostbuster.

59. We all penciled Doomsday into our calendars.

60. The gang escaped from Doom with help from pedantic language use and a hilarious parachute.

Up next: the Silver Surfer becomes evil, Sandman goes to college, and Ben Grimm fails to plan a vacation. I can’t wait!

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